Inspiring ConservationRead the story of Punta San Juan Program and the human team behind
What is Punta San Juan?History, threats and potential of Punta San Juan and the PSJ Program.
Guano harvest videoPunta San Juan: Guano campaign 2012. Conservation in situ.
WildCare Institute - Peru Humboldt PenguinsProducer, Director and Editor - Documentary for St. Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for Conservation of the Humboldt Penguin, Punta San Juan, Peru
Guardian of GuanoRicardo Moreno, caretaker of the Punta San Juan Reserve in southern Peru.
St Louis Zoo Helping Penguins at Punta San JuanHelping Humboldt penguins in Peru.
St Louis Zoo Keeper helps wildlife in PeruThe Humboldt penguin lives where one of the earth's driest deserts.
Guardians of the Sea (part two)The key to maintaining a marine ecosystem is in diversifying activities.
Humboldt penguin conservation in Punta San Juan with Saint Louis Zoo (Documentary)The Humboldt penguin lives where one of the earth's driest deserts meets one of the coldest ocean currents.
Marine GarbageAvoid the use of disposables to reduce the use of plastic in our lives and thus avoid the accumulation of garbage in our oceans.
Diving by underwater garbageHere you can see the community activity that we did in summer 2016 in Playa Hermosa
Community Activities - Punta San Juan ProgramHere is a view of the community activities that take place in Marcona
Volunteer of the Punta San Juan ProgramDo you want to know what Volunteering is like for the Punta San Juan Program?
Solo para ViajerosPunta San Juan video report
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