Marine invertebrates
Diversity and abundance
Diversity and abundance
The study of species diversity and abundance of marine coastal invertebrates is performed in the rocky intertidal habitats of the Punta San Juan reserve.

The objective of this study is to characterize the diversity and abundance of macrozoobenthic organisms of rocky intertidal habitats at Punta San Juan.

To accomplish this, samples are collected on a monthly, during the days of low tide in 10 sampling stations (1m2 quadrats). Sampling was carried out using randomly placed quadrats within the study area. Structures were then identified to species level and abundance of each type of samples for each quadrant was quantified.

This will provide information regarding the abundance, diversity, richness and composition of different species and analyze seasonal variation in macrozoobenthic organisms, while also allowing us to correlate this information with relevant environmental variables.
Franco Sandoval
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