Population dynamics
Population dynamics is investigated in the two resident species of fur seals and sea lions inhabiting the Punta San Juan reserve: South American fur seals (Arctocephalus australis) and sea lions (Otaria flavescens).

Our goal is to understand the intra and inter-annual variation of resident populations of fur seals and sea lions, which inhabit the Punta San Juan reserve.

The data for this study were collected through the direct census of individuals present on the beaches of the reserve, categorizing each individual according to sex and age groups (eg. territorial males, adult females, sub-adult males, juveniles, etc.). Sightings of individuals marked with cattle tags on their front flippers are also recorded in order to better understand survival rates and site fidelity of known individuals.
Data is collected on a weekly basis throughout the year, and more effort is made (on a daily basis) to collect data during the breeding seasons of each species.

This information allows us to understand population trends on a short and long –term basis, as well as the inter and intra-annual variation of resident populations of sea lions and fur seals.
Susana Cárdenas Alayza
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