Sustainable Guano Harvests
Sustainable guano harvests
Sustainable guano harvests
Sustainable guano harvest campaigns are meant to mitigate the impacts of guano extractions on populations of top predators that live in the reserve of Punta San Juan.
These studies take place whenever a guano extraction campaign is planned by the government entities, SERNANP and Agrorural, whom are officially in charge of harvesting this natural resource. To understand if a harvest is sustainable, collection of data and a plan of action are evaluated in situ to mitigate the potential impacts of guano harvesting on wildlife on a daily basis during the worker´s (extracting guano) work schedule.
This information allows us to extend a series of technical on-site recommendations to government offices on how to minimize the possible impacts of guano extraction campaigns in the different islands and capes of Peru in order to continue extracting guano sustainably, and in harmony with the growth of other populations that inhabit this network of marine protected areas.
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